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What sorts of documents do we translate?

We have a special expertise in certain kinds of documents. For these, we take into account your needs, the purpose of the text, the industry in question and the document's target audience.

The subjects we cover include:
  • User Guides for professional and consumer electronics (hardware components, printers), telecommunications (mobile/wireless phones)
  • Manuals & catalogs for machine tools (air conditioners, forestry & gardening tools), household appliances
  • Promotion booklets and leaflets
  • Product Specifications (food, pharmaceuticals, electrical)
  • Automotive
  • Documents for Immigration Offices (personal documents, instructions for immigrants)
  • Personal documents and correspondence
  • Patient information leaflets (PILs) and drug descriptions for patients

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* We are available 24/7.
Time zone: GMT +1

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* Phone: +385 1 33 92 689
Fax: +385 1 33 57 805

* Postal address:
Velika Draga 6
10291 Prigorje Brdovecko
Croatia (Hrvatska)
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